bloggers united 5 team victory party part 2!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Bloggers United 5 team had a second round of the victory party! It was held last Aug 28,2013 at the Mall of Asia. It was brought by the SM bowling ctr team. As you have read last time,we had our first part at the bowling center and the Nido Science Center. 
It was super fun. But this round? much better! 

We visited the Da vinci worshop, a new exhibit at the second level,exhibit hall,south side of the entertainment mall.

Here,inventions of the famous inventor and painter Leonrado da Vinci were all showcased. Look at me here trying the "bat fly".but I think lakas maka "aswang" my peg here! harhar! but this a flying invention that now is well known and it is also used for the basis for advanced flying mechanisms nowadays.

Da vinci was an architect as well,This is a display of a miniature figure on how he plans his creations way back in centuries ago.
This was also used as a pattern for apartments and condominiums.

Look t those bloggers/students eager to learn! haha  

Czarina testing an invention by da vinci. Cool right?

hmm..It looks scary! but this is actually a diver's suit invented by him,It was made with leather material. 
This was also proven that works!

A lifesaver!! the first invention was made with wood? hmm but it does work! 

Nicole playing with those flippy divers hands! This was also made by Da vinci and was used for the pattern of divers flippers right now. 

Our favorite! mirror mirror on the wall! This invention was made practically for the convenience of fashion fervors like us,haha charr! kidding aside,this is a closet that full is of mirrors,just by standing,you can see all the views of your body,back,front,side. 
Truly, a remarkable invention! clap clap! 

see? Czarina striking a pose!

Nicole doing her signature pose here! 

The amazing paintings by Leonardo da Vinci. Each creation has its interesting story to tell.

Me and Nicole loved the ambiance here,lakas makayaman! haha :) 

That's it for the educational and fun part.. yanna,czarina,carvey,nicole and moi enjoyed it!
Now we are off  to the ice skating rink..

Here we are guys! The team enjoyed this segment of the event. though I did not plunged into the ice skating rink to do some works, 
I enjoyed watching them.

kelly and Anna chit chatting and resting. kakastress mag ice skate! waaah

Christine had to take her break. It was stressful daw,pero enjoy! haha that's why its picture picture time! click! 

I love you girls! Look how you can still pose like an outfit shot wearing those skates! niceyyy!

The team doing their works. Tracy,Anna and Paul having lessons with their trainers.
and oh Tracy,I think her trainer is cutey Sophie! hihi :)

Paul,you look happy here,In so little time,you learned how to skate! Good job! :)

Anna, as usual,with her poise and smile for the camera! :) pretty! we are! The blogger's united 5 team! See you all soon on BU6!
Thank you so much SM bowling Ctr for bringing us here.
Visit and learn more about them HERE.
Some photos grabbed from Anagon. Thanksy!!



  1. wow! thanks for this post Ms.Jaq :) i really like how you documented our recent tour at Da Vinci workshop!

    ps: i'll grab some photos and post it on IG if that's okay with you Ms.Jaq :)

    czarina :)