Saturday, August 3, 2013

A new day, a new beginning. Everyday, we encounter new things. 
We learn from them and sometimes pick up something to be pondered about.

 In my 33 years of life in living, I can say that I have learned many things. Yeah, I committed alot of mishaps in the past, 
I had my daughter when I was just 16 years old, it was really difficult I can say,but I'm proud on what I have become.
Because of that,now,I'm strong,will powered and independent. I love my daughter Mikee,with all my heart, 
She is the reason I keep on going.

This is the first time I really shared in my blog my personal life,this is for the reason that I want to inspire somehow women out there that being a single mom is not a hindrance in reaching your goals. Until now,I can say that my dreams are not into reality,
but I know that someday,it will.My daughter is my inspiration to reach it. :)

I'm not perfect,but who is right? Inner beauty is what matters most. :)

All women are beautiful.There are no such thing as ugly. It's how you carry yourself. 
Be confident and wear a smile. Happy girls are the most prettiest. :)

For my look, wore this lovely peach lace dress from With Love Clothing. Ms. Emer and Mr.Carlo,the owners, are one of the generous and nice sponsors I met. Thank you so much for this pretty piece. I really love it! The material of this dress is pure beauty. 
It's finished with good quality as well,not to mention the color,so vibrant! You can check them out on facebook HERE.

dress: with love clothing | necklace: mia casa | ankle strap heels: trunkshow | acrylic bag: sm accessories

Pretty and comfy ankle strap heels from Trunkshow. Scored it at the I'm Shoe Inlove Bazaar last July. 
This is for 399 pesos only! Best buy right? Looking forward for more purchases from Trunkshow. 
Their shoes are just awsome! Like them on facebook HERE.

Another great bazaar find. Chain necklace from Mia Casa. This piece is a classic piece. It can be paired with any outfit. 
It gives life to the look.Plain white top accessorized with this necklace will give the outfitey the oomph!
 The great news is,this is for 200 pesos only! 
It's a steal! You can still score their best buys HERE

Life maybe tough, But don't frate. We will have our time to shine. Just keep the faith. :)

xx jaq


  1. Super Gorgeous! and i must say, you're so right about being a single mom! ^_^

  2. You're telling me you have a 17 year old daughter?!?? You LOOK 17. What's the secret?!?? Love your blog, btw. Following you now :)

    1. hi! yes I have a 17 year old daughter :) as for the secret,haha no secret at all! Just feel good inside and out,always smile and be happy,I guess that's my only secret :) Thank you so much! <3

  3. You look younger than your age! I can see myself to you 10 years from now! :)I have a handsome 2 year old son at the moment and not planning to have one yet haha Anyhow I agree. It's never a hindrance to reach your goals. As for me I still do and trying to reach my goals! And he's my inspiration too! Great blog! Following you now! Hope you can return the love! :)

    1. omg pat! just saw your comment! waahh super busy! anyhow,yeah we are on the same boat.Let's reach our dreams! Girl power!! :) :) miss yah! oh btw thanks for saying i look younger than my age..kinilig naman ako dun! haha lol :)

  4. hi! yes,our precious ones is our inspiration! sure thing will follow you! thanks so much dear! Godbless to you and your baby.much love! xx

  5. Wow! I can't believe you're already a mom, you look so much younger to be honest! Anyway, I'm so happy that you opened up a bit of your life here in your blog. :) I love your blog btw, and that dress is so perf on you! More power to you and your blog! xx

    1. hi! aw,that is so sweet of you to say.. :) more power to you and your blog too! :)