Thursday, August 8, 2013

This baby of mine,Styledom is turning one next month, Sept 28. Actually, I haven't thought of anything on how to celebrate it..
Maybe a grand giveaway? What do you think? I would love to hear from you guys. :)

Blogging isn't my thing actually,but my friends convinced me to do it since I love to dress up. Thanks to my dear friends hihi. 
My blog also served as my fashion diary as well. And by next month,It is turning one! now,I'm actually getting excited about it! 

As for my outfit post,wore this criss cross bare back paired with skinny white pants. As for a fashion rule,If you are already bare or showing some skin on your top,it's wise if your bottoms are a little bit conservative. 
Emerald green looks so refreshing specially when its combined with the color white. 

top: the ramp crossings | skinny white jeans: levi's | ankle strap heels: gibi | watch: citizen

Honestly,I want to share this to you,was thinking of quitting blogging. coz its kinda tiring. But on second thought,I love my craft. 
I love blogging and sharing my thoughts and ideas about fashion with my readers.
All the hard work pays off if I hear my readers are inspired with what I'm doing,This is my motivation. 

So in return,this coming September 28,Styledom's blogversary, I would like to thank all my readers for the continuous support by a giveaway. I'll be posting the deets soon! And oh by the way,Online shops that would like to be a part of this celebration are welcome for sponsorships. Thank you so much in advance as well. You can email me at jaq_perez2000@yc. Will be waiting for you. :)

So no quitting for me! haha You will be seeing a lot of me on Styledom!
 I hope to see you in my upcoming first year anniversary! Take care always!



  1. congratulations on turning one next month! more power to you and your blog :)

    Thirdbite | style blog

  2. Love it!:D Especially the colors ;)

    BTW, advance congratulations, you are really blessed :D:D

  3. Hi sis! I was doing blog hoping when I jumped in your blog.
    I liked it already. and oh, you're so pretty!:)
    I would be glad to exchange links with you though my blog is Personal.
    Please don't quit blogging, I'm glad to be one of your constant readers :)


    1. hi nikka! that's so sweet of you..Comments like this makes me motivated. :) Thank you so much for the support.Yes,sure we can exchange links :) email me at jaq_perez2000@yc. will be waiting for it.Godbless! xx

  4. Hello Jaqui!

    Don't quit! I stumbled just today at this blog post and automatically followed you both on Facebook and Twitter! I checked all your recent blog post and wow! gotta say that ill always check this na. I like your fashion style, it's so clean and classy.

    Count me na as one of your loyal reader :)

    1. Hi riva! aw,this really made my day. yup! I wont quit,you guys are my inspiration. Thank you so much!! take care always :) xx