bart meets jake

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Yey! my unica hija mikee or she wants to be called as "pauline" right now coz she's a fine lady na daw,hehe,joined me again for an outfit post. I'm so happy whenever she does this for me. hihi 
I love dressing her up! but then again she has her own sense of fashion style.

We had a hard time taking photos because we can't make it outdoors because of the bad weather. 
Pauline opted to take her shots indoors. So here it goes..

She wore this muscle tee top from Nana clothing,If you have been reading my past posts,I already wore this for an outfitey,but my baby loves this top too! It's so cute! The material is also quality made. The great thing about Nana clothing is you can get to choose or make your own designs! Like them on facebook HERE.

Arm candies are also a fave! This are from Arm candy beaty. And oh before I forget we have an ongoing giveaway! This pretty pieces are up for a prize! check out the upper tool bar then click in giveaways for more details. Add them on facebook HERE.

Pauline's Look: 
top: nana clothing | skirt: zara trf | accessories: arm candy beaty | sneakers: dorothy perkins

And now it's my turn, I had my photos taken outdoors. I just hate the lighting indoors,so what the heck,
had my outfit posts though it's a bit drizzling. hehe :)

Wore this sweater top from Berry tops. The print is so cute! It's Jake. The material is cotton and light so it's really oh so comfortable to wear! Perfect for the weather! Thank you Berry tops for sending this over.
  Like their page on facebook HERE for more of the cutest pieces ever!

Accented the look with this teal necklace from Bellevous. Accessories do make wonders for outfits.It can make a plain one to a stylish ensemble! For this look,transformed this peg from a casual boyish outfit into a girly one,the necklace made that possible. 
I also got the origami skorts from them.
Thank you so much Ms.Bhim for the gift. I really love it! Like Bellevous on facebook HERE.

My Look:
top: berrytops | skorts/necklace: bellevous | sneakers: sm parisian 

I know I have said this repeatedly,but I guess I'm just a proud mom. 
I'm so excited and happy whenever my daughter is joining me for an outfit post. :) Thank you baby oh! 
You can follow her Instagram and twiitter accounts HERE and HERE

We will see you again next time! 



  1. Para lang kayong magkapatid Ms. Jaqui :)
    You just gave an idea on what to pair a skort and you look really amazing in this blogpost ah :)

    P.S You look like Olivia Wilde :)

    1. hi riva! thank you so much! Glad i could be of help on picking up pieces for your outfit. so happy! :) :)

  2. You know what Im so happy that I came across your blog. Heehee. I was so shock that ur already 33 and you and ur daughter looks like sissies. heehee.

  3. as miss ayah said .. di ako makapaniwala na 33 kna .. looks like your in a mid 20's .. daughter mo pla yun... gosh pra lang tlga kayong magkapatid :))