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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hi how are you doing today my dear reader? It's been a hectic week for me and my mind is out of no where. 
As for any mom's out there,tuition fee and some bills are all up to due again,oh-ehm-gee. Can't help but to be stressed,but the glory of seeing your child grow up to be a good person is much more rewarding.

Wore this outfitey for work and to meet some friends back in college. I miss being a student,just hanging around at the mall,chit chatting,just doing nothing! and being carefree. I hope we can do it more frequently. 

bag: sm accessories | vest: forever 21 | pants: adol janet | top: berrytops | ankle strap wedges: jellybean 

This cutey top is adorable! I know, it's kinda "bagets" ang peg haha but because its so pretty I didn't had second thoughts.
 Made out an outfit to mix match and I love it. I do hope I pulled it off! hehe  The top is so cute specially the cat print! cool! Plus,the material is quality made.Thank you Berry Tops for sending it over. For more of their affordie cutey patootie tops check them out HERE.

So back to my emo thingy about being a single mom,Well,what's important is we do our duties and responsibilities as mothers right? Kahit na makuba sa kakatrabaho,go lang ng go!as long it's for you child's sake. Coz nothing compares to the joy and success of our kids.
Am I right mom's out there? Can you feel me? :)

We should always be reminded on how the Lord blessed us with so many gifts that we should always be thankful for.

So that's it, my everyday routine,my insights and thoughts. How about you? How's life up with you? :)



  1. I agree with you Ms. Jaqui. I could totally relate. Still waiting for a job hiring. My sin's 2 years old and he'll be going to school in a few years time. So I gotta work and save up for his future na rin? :)

    Pauchee Casimiro

    1. yes.thats all about being a mom,but the joy our child brings is incomparison to anything.Let's enjoy every moment of it right? Godbless dear to u and ur son. xx :)

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