Monday, July 15, 2013

Bazaars and tiangges are a shopping addicts haven! Tell me more about it right ladies? Aside from the fact that everything is on sale,meaning., super low prices like 50 to 100 for a top,you can meet new friends and colleagues. Owners of online shops and fellow bloggers are usually there,so the experience in the Superb supersale bazaars are always much awaited for..And my daughter is with me today! yay! Bazaar hopping with her! haha gastos again! gaaahh.. Will take you there in a bit..  eggzited much! :)

This is what I wore for the event. We will do a lot of walking so I opted to wear flat sandals and a comfy maxi dress.

To make the look not boring,I used a gold bag. This will make the ensemble classy and stylish.

I had my whole look in the same family color; white and gold.

Arm candies and vintage round sunnies from Zoe's hub are such classy pieces.Just imagine my dress without these? Pretty boring right?  Thanks Zoe's hub for sending it over.I trully adore them! Visit them on facebook HERE.

The highlight of the dress: a high slit! haha 

my look:
maxi dress: nava shop | sunnies/arm candies: zoe's hub | sandals: topshop | bag: cmg 

And as I mentioned a while ago, my daugher Mikee joined me again for an outfit post.. 

I wanted to make our looks on the same theme;classy, I hope we achieved it! haha

Goofing around while photo shooting! lol

 Mikee's look:
top: the ramp crossings | shorts: pink manila | dorothy flats: naleigh shop | watch: casio | belt: yrys

But ofcourse! haha teal nails! we just love them! It's so hard to find this perfect color.
We got it from Nature republic. Lucky lucky pick! 

And we are now off to the Super sale bazaar! 

Upon entering the events place in WTC, You will be welcomed by there scrumptous and yummy delights by Nectar's Pastries. 
We tried the belgian red velvet. and yes! it's so delicious! Tempted to have more of these!
Visit them on facebook satisfy your sweet tooth!

And here's the  market..haha I mean the bazaar! It looks like a market because literally people are just squirming around! 
Too many sales so little time! Grab the best buy mikee fast! go!!! (mom's wise advise) lol 

Here I am making "tawad" sige na po ate lastprice? pls? hehe

My tour in the bazaar will not be complete without visiting blogger friend's booth! 
Anagon and crave more's booth! clap clap! super nice finds in their booths! :)
Mikee had her first purchase! so happy! Thanks Ana and Christine! :)

Here,Im with Ms.Lisa of Flippedoutcockatoos.She is so nice! Thank you so much for the celine inspired bag,I love it! Can't wait to have an outfit post using it! Like them on facebook HERE and follow on instagram HERE for more of their pretty shoes and bags! :)

We enjoyed the supersale bazaar! I remember on our way back home,Mikee told me to that she wants to join me in the next,oh no?! shopping addict na din? waahh  but actually,It's really not about the money,It's how we shared our interests together,spent time together and had so much fun! Bonding moments can never be paid with any amount of money right? 
So...Till next bazaar hopping! Definitely enjoyed our weekend! :)



  1. I hope meron ding super sale bazaar sa Bacolod...hahaha...

    1. hi anne! yes,i hope they will organize a bazaar event in your place soon.. :)

  2. Love that white dress on you! So elegant. :D

    XO, Mish @

  3. Glad to see a mother and daughter duo :) But of course busy sa skool si kiddo hehe! I super love your style sis, simple yet elegant! Hope to see more bazaar posts from you. Felt like I was there too, very detailed post. More power to your blog! <3

    1. aw,so sweet of you sis,hope to see your blog soon! :) luvluv! :)