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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Finally! It's been a while since I started convincing my daughter to have an outfit post with me.. She's not into blogging thing yet,
but I hope in the near future,she will learn to love it just like I did! 

I would like you to meet my only daughter Mikee. She's 17, taking up Special Education in UST. haha prang beauty pageant lang ang peg! but really,I'm proud of my baby..She turned out to be a fine lady just like her mom,(cough* cough*) hehe 
As you all know I'm a single mom, I raised her on my own.
 We have been through good and bad times together. I can say she's my inspiration and my best friend forever!

Actually, we don't have the same taste in fashion..Mikee is more of  like the casual laid back kinda girl. And her mom? as you can see,
I love to dress up! Whether my walk is not in the right path anymore coz of those heels, I don't mind, just as long I can pull it off! 
Which I hope I did?! haha lol

And here's the shorts we both wore.. This is sponsored by Gthirds Goodies. When this piece arrived, Mikee was the one who opened it,and she definitely loved it! So from there,I convinced her to make an outfit post together!
 Thanks Gthirds Goodies for sending it. We love it! Check them out on facebook HERE.

Mikee's look:
watch: casio | top: greenhills shopping center | shorts: gthirds goodies | polkadots stockings: topshop 
wedge sneakers: forever 21 | shades: rayban 

My look:
camouflage top: pink manila | shorts: gthirds goodies | rings: forever 21 | studded heels: zara 

I just can't contain my happiness and excitement in this post. I don't know,maybe, I'm just one proud mom! hihi


ps. Want to see more of my daughter's looks? feel free to comment below.  We will be glad to hear from you! :)


  1. wow ! ganda naman ! like mother like daughter pretty :D more more photo pa sana :D

    1. thanks sheena! wish me luck in convincing her! haha :)

  2. Grabe, barkadang barkada lang :) I love this post, Jaq! You're doing a great job with Mikee. I have a cousin who's taking up SPED now too in UST. Second year na, I believe. Love the shorts!

    Megann, Style Surgery

    1. hi megann! nice to see you here! haha :) thanks for loving this post..more power to your blog too! :)