Im shoe inlove

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Last Sunday, was a day for shoe lovers! oh no that's not me. (wink*) hehe  Famous shoe brands and online shops had the event which they got together for a shoe bazaar. It's called "Im shoeinlove" This is already on their 3rd installment, year 3. I got the chance to go the previous ones and yes! It's definitely an event that you won't miss. Brands like cmg,crocs,keds,vnc are all on sale! prices were dropped up to 70% off! what a great deal! Online shops were also on their huge sale! which re only offered on the event, excited? 
I'll get you there in just a bit! :)

For now,I'll just walk you through  my outfit for the day. Again and again, wore comfortable ensemble for a bazaar.
We need to get those feet walking and running through those bargains! 
 A flowy teal maxi skirt paired with a cutout stripes cropped top was my pick.

maxi skirt: terranova | stripes cutout top: forever 21 | ankle straps sandals: tonic | accessories: zoe's hub/aldo/rolex
clutch bag: terranova | belt: yrys

That's it for my look,what do you think? I want to know guys! Feel free to comment below :)

and now we are going to see the event! whoohhoo! lets's go shopaholics! :)

And here we are! at the I'm shoe in love bazaar. This was held at the NBC tent at the fort last July 20 and 21,2013.

Naleigh shop. I remember when I was just starting blogging,Ms. Justine the owner, was the first ones who trusted  my blog for a sponsorship. and until now. Thank you so much!! luv yah! I'm glad I can get to see their new collection. They were all so fabulous!
 I tried them on too! oh so comfortable,Naleigh never fails me in terms with comfort,style and trend. Like them on facebook HERE!

I discovered Mia Casa last super sale bazaar.I visited them again this time,going back for a necklace me and my sister liked!
They have a wide variety of accessories and trendy items. I got those bold gold necklaces.and guess what? It's for 200 pesos only,bracelets are for 100 pesos or even lower! But then you might think,oh the prices are affordable for these kind of pieces,
the quality might not be okay,but nooo! the quality is superb.
Honestly,I thought the necklaces will tarnish if you use it for some time,but this ones didn't! So happy for the purchases!
Best buy indeed! Thank you Mia Casa.Visit them HERE for more of these drooling accessories! :)

Trunk show..every shopaholic near trinoma mall  in Quezon city will know them. They have stylish shoes and bags to die for! and this time they are offering it on sale! Look at those ankle strap heels its for 399 pesos only,awesome right?
Trunk show can be checked HERE. happy shopping guys!

With Love Clothing, one of my ever loyal sponsors, I love them too bits! Ms. Emer, the owner is so bait to the max! luv you girl! :)
During events, I never fail to visit them. They have this gorgeous bustiers that will really flaunt those curves! plus those girly and adorable dresses! Can't wait to blog about it soon! Thank you!
Like them on facebook HERE for more girly,sweet,stylish and into the trend clothes!

Manila sole footwear offered shoes for our lovies..hihi and they are on sale too! :)

Pill. this is one shoe store that is always up to the trend.They have styles and designs that is so "in" plus their price is affordable too! shoes were on sale that time for as low as 350 pesos only!
HERE's their facebook page. :)

My first purchase with Sewn was at the greenhills tiangge. I can say their shoes are durable and pretty! I got my pair a few months back,but it's still good as new,though I used it for several times already. I love the pair I got from them,will surely make another one soon.Sewn can be seen HERE. Visit them guys! 

Tutum, this store offfered sandals  and shoes that are so unique and fab. If you're like the kind of gal who wants to make a statement in your look,Tutum is highly recommended! They can be visited HERE

see those boxes? haha those are dozens of crocs shoes! pool of  shoes are all there! 
It's swimming time! haha

S and H is also incredible! look at those spikes heels and wedges? Are you kidding me? really? It's for 1500 pesos only?! Shoot! this is a bargain. Not to frate,you can still get them at selected SM department stores.

Tonic.Bargained their loots for as low as 350 pesos. I hoarded my pairs because they only offer sales on bazaars. haha addict much?! So till next Tonic! I really liked the shoes I'm wearing now on this event. super stylish ans comfy!!
Have a glance with them HERE.

and that's latest best loots,best buys and bargains! Till next bazaar guys!



  1. wow very nice sis prettgirl...:)

  2. I love your outfit here Ms. Jaq! Hope you'll sell your top on your shop too. I like! Hihi :)

    1. thanks mica! will update you on that :) hihi

  3. I SUPER LOVE THE MAXI SKIRT!! and how you style it. Hope you can help me, I am only 5 in height, is it okay to wear maxi skirt like this? Been wanting to wear one but I'm having second thoughts eh.


    Riva Shane :)

    1. hi! yup!surely you can pull off a maxi skirt,just make sure that your top is a bit tight like a tube or spandex type of tank top so it can draw the attention to your upper part.wearing it on high waisted style is much better. And if u can wear shoes that has heels to emphasize the length of the skirt to make the illusion of making u look taller. Hope these tips helped out. Thank you so much! Goodluck on your look darling! xx :)

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