casual gold

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Gold is one of my favorite color. It's so classy and royal. My outfit for today is full of them. 
Touches of this color is present in each piece I wore. 

Thank you May fashion online for sending this iphone screen protector,the print is so cute! polkadots! 
Like them on facebook HERE for more of those cutey gadget accessories!

Wore this look for party/get togther na din with the Bloggers United 5 team. And because of the success of that event. Ana and Pax organized a victory party to celebrate it.Woot!! Thank you! galing galing! clap clap!  I'll be taking you there in just a bit. :)

sling bag: topshop | gold sneakers: dorothy perkins | dress: NY square by SM
polkadots iphone screen protector: May fashion online | watch: casio 

That's it for my look! A casual,comfortable yet partyish ensemble.. Now, we go to the main event.. 
The BU5 Victory Party! 

Here we are! The "get together" was held in The Mall of Asia last July 4,2013. I arrived at the venue at around 4pm..sorry was late,again blame it on the metro traffic. When i got into the scene, co bloggers, Anna,Arnie,Joed(arnie's boyfie yihhee hehe) and Nicole was already there.

SM bowling center. We had so much fun here. Our team was divided into 2. My team mates were Ana and Nicole. They were awesome! scores hit in strikes! but too bad I were on their team..I'm not a sporty person. So ashamed to reveal my scores. Sorry guys we lost because of me..huhu I'll make bawi next time!

And now we are off to the second venue, The Nido Science Discovery Center.This place I can say is full of knowledge. 
It's highly recommended for kids of all ages and for adults too! We learned so much in this tour. 

This also includes Digi star 5 Planetarium. awesome! We were like in space when we watched it!

The center has 11 sections full of discovery and learning.

Did you know Lolong was the biggest captive croc? He was named Lolong from the word LONG.
I didn't know that! haha stupid me, but it was amazing learning this things.

It was nostalgic. We were like in a field trip back when we are still kids.  And yeah,just like kids,we goofed around,played and had the greatest time! But at the same time,learning. 

 I love here in this section, it was shown on how my baby views me..
I'm black and white! but some parts have a bit of colors. 

Vinttaaagggee!! cars and cameras was showcased in this section..It was so cool! Nicole and I had our signature poses beside this huge camera! Bloggers pa din ang peg!  haha 

Talk about laughing our hearts out! We had our video taped introducing ourselves in this segment.  
We had the chance to plug our websites for free! hehe lol.. 

Fun, learning,bonding, and having the greatest time! cheers to the BU5 victory party! 
You can lean more about them HERE and  HERE.

And that's a wrap! I heard there's going to be a part 2! So the rest of the team, let's go!!
Thank you also to Ana Gonzales for having this party for the BU power team. Till next time! See you soon guys!  


Some photos grabbed from Anagon: credits to this blogsite.