Working Gal

Friday, June 7, 2013

Hi! It's a typical working day for me..  But before I head out for my job, I would like to share an outfit post. 
Wore a breezy and comfortable ensemble because it's a hot summer day. Yes! summer is definitely not yet over! and this is the comfiest look I can get! haha

If  you guys are wondering what my work is..hmm well,it's actually a freelance job. I'm a freelance stylist/personal shopper.I assist clients whose in need of any fashion advises. 
From choosing the "looks" that will best suit them,canvassing,and purchasing it from the malls or online shops. I help them keep the pieces together and come up with a fab look! 
So basically, I shop for my lovely clients! I can say I'm quite lucky landing a job that I love. 
Shopping, fashion forwarded errands, meeting new people are a few of my "fun" moments while earning e living.
 I guess I'm already plugging na here! haha Well, to those people who are very busy and can't find the time to shop.,If coming up with an everyday or a special event look is a dilemma,problem solved my dear! I will be glad to help you out! Just send me an email via CONTACT on the pages tab above.
 And oh by the way, I have an online shop called FABCHICSHOP (check side tabs) where in I sell my preloved or preowned goodies. Visit and like us HERE on facebook. haha todo plug na! I'm going to wait for you guys! :)

off shoulder top: perfectfitshop | shorts: wardrobe kisses | peep toe heels: ichigoshoes co. | transparent pink clutch bag: landmark dept. store

You can never go wrong with a teal comfy off shoulder top from Perfectfit Shop,
 Like them on facebook HERE!

I'm luvin' this aztec shorts! It's very stylish,comfortable to wear and the the print is awesome! 
Thank you Wardrobe Kisses for sending it.  Like them on facebook HERE for more of the fab loots!

So I guess that's about it, If you have any comments are suggestions,feel free to write them below. 
It's bye for now,still have some work to do! toodles! xx,jaq


  1. I like the combination of your outfit.
    Aztec, mint green and neon pink actually look good together.
    You did a great job for pulling it off.
    Stay pretty dear :)

    -xoxo, FRANCES

    1. hi frances! nice too see you again here! thank you so much! stay pretty sweetie! :)