Wedding Prenup Styling Stint

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

  I love weddings! It's romantic,blissful and full of love in the air!

This was actually my first styling stint for a prenuptial wedding pictorial,this was taken at the Lamesa Eco park in the heart of Quezon City last March 2013. 
The couple are my closest friends,Anna and Norman.. Anna(the bride) is my childhood best friend..
I'm happy I got the chance to help her out in the wedding prep,mainly this photo shoot.
 Now,Let me walk you through the looks I prepared for them, 
The first one,the hip and casual theme, I chose to pick up an outfit for the bride which is girly yet funky,
A floral mullet dress covered up with a maong vest to compliment it,red thongs for her footwear to make the look more casual. 
As for the groom, maong shorts,polo top and topsiders for his footwear to play with the bride's ensemble.

This is the second theme, a more formal yet stylish look for the couple.
 The bride is wearing an aztec mullet tube dress and ankle heel stilletos. I opted to give the outfit the style so I accented it with a neck accessory.
The groom is wearing blak slacks,which by the way you can never go wrong in formal pegs.And ofcourse, a polo top and leather shoes.

And last,but not the least, the sporty theme! Oh how cute the couple shirts are! it says "bride" and "groom" 
And again,for the sporty attire, polka dots pants for the bride,white sneaks and white rayban wayfarers.
For the groom, maong pants,white sneaks to make it compatible to the brides footwear and stashed it up with rayban avaiators. Isn't that cool? haha

and..Tadda! the newly weds! I hope you liked my styling! haha
Congratulations again to my best buddies! 
Luv yah guys!

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