Black and White Party, Bloggers United Fifth Installment

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hello dear readers! I would like to share an experience which for a bloggger like me was a remarkable event that I participated.
Bloggers United fifth installment was held last June 1,2013 at the SMX convention Center.

But before we proceed with the event particulars which I'm so excited by the way,haha Let me just share you my outfit of the day.
I wore a comfortable ensemble yet stylish for the affair. For the past BU affairs, I heard that it was really exhausting. so I opted to wear this look for the occasion.

leggings/heels/top: forever 21 | clutch bag: calvin klein | accessories: mango

I was running late for the event.I was part of the BU5 power team,and my call of duty was at 3pm,I arrived at the venue at around 2:30, and yes,a frequent dilemma for every blogger? The outfit shots! where and when!? I knew that there's no more time, so I headed to get the photo shooting coming! So before entering the venue hall, I did it! just right beside SMX convention center,click,click and were done! made my outfit shots in less than 30 minutes! haha That was really fast and furious!

So that's it.. Let's parrtteehhh!! :)

This was the scene outside the hall.It was crraazzyy! Long lines were all on queque. It was unbelievable! even the SMX committee were surprised on how people went gaga!
Oh well, that's how BU works!wink wink* hehe But Kidding aside,we were all overwhelmed on how the people supported BU5.
Thank you so much guys! :)

I'm proud to be a part of this team..and now
I present you the Bu5 power team! with me is the sweet Ms.Arnie Villanueva.

With Ms. Aisa Ipac, the organizer of all organizers! which by the way you look fresh and pretty here dear,not halata na haggardo Versoza! :)

With my partner in crime in the pm shift as registration gals hehe ,the pretty Ms. Nicole Santos.

With Ms. Ana Gonzales, another superwoman! and Ms. Czarina Anonuevo,
Because of these people BU was a huge success!

With Ms. Arnie again, haha addict lang sa photo shooting and with the stylish  Mr. Kelly Medina.

And Oohh! one of my readers, Ms. Shaine Rionda, thank you for coming my dear! :) 
not to mention we have the same print of  bottoms! I love it sweetie! haha push! 

And now the scene inside the hall, Avid shopping peeps are giving their best moves to get those great deals!

The best part of the event. The interactive program running, held by the BU5 team and hosted by Mr. Gelo Arucan. 
Fun games like bring me are so much fun! 
Prizes were brought  by the generous sponsors like Shulong,Flipsters and FreeFish. and much more! Thank you guys!

 For me, this was also one of  the cherished moments, the chit chatting time and having the chance to  meet new blogger friends..
With the pretty bloggers, the charming Ms. Tin Iglesias and the sexy Ms. Tracy Ayson.

With the up and edgy Ms. Sarah Tirona.

With the hip and fierce gals. Ms. Stephanie Dy and Ms. Mariel Wickedying.

with the lovely ladies Ms. Lissa kahayon and Ms. Cheyser Pedregosa.

With the gorgeous sisters Ms. Vern and Verniece Enciso.

And the mother Goddess! Ms. Divine Lee, also graced and hosted the event as well.

And that's a wrap!  The scene after the event.. My feelings on this exact moment was that I'm sad that the affair has already ended, But happy and fulfilled with the outcome. 
I'm so thankful for being a part of the team.. I salute the organizers and sponsors who made this event possible and a success.  Thank you so much! 
Till the next Bloggers United installment! Definitely looking forward to it! :)  

p.s. Intrigued what's inside those tokens I got there? Fab pieces from Free Fish and Pink Fashion. Again,Thank yoouuuu!! I love them! :)
xx,jaq :)


  1. so fasyown naman! i love! too bad i missed this year's BU-- first time di ako nakapunta since the cebu bloggers were invited... next time nalang! pero ang fasyown mo teh!


  2. thanks dear! yes hope to meet you soon on the next bu! Godbless! :)

  3. finally saw this BU5 post :) thanks for the photo Ms.Jac!