Little? Black Dress

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wore a particularly "little" black dress today. "labandera mode ang peg ko lang" hehe :) I opted to wear it because its very comfortable..After a meeting, I'm on my way to massage spa center to feature a generous sponsor who gave me the privilege to have a free 1 hour whole body massage,yey! Thank you guys! will tell more about it later in this blogpost..

My hair was a disaster this morning,so I ended up putting up a messy hair bun,yeah,really messy ah?


maxi dress/bag: sm department store | tiger necklace: landmark | bejeweled thong sandals: forever 21 

I'm on way to the spa! woot! my outfit is spa ready! Let's do this!

Mont Albo massage hut..Its located in Panay ave, in the heart of  Quezon City. They have 21 existing branches franchised and company owned,they are in Timog, Ortigas, Makati, Padre Faura, Pedro gil, Batangas City, Lipa City,and in Market Market in Taguig etc. And 2 more soon to open..
I'm sure you will find one near you and enjoy the serenity they bring!

Mont Albo massage hut is a Filipino inspired spa which specializes in "hilot", the traditional way of massaging those problem areas like the neck,back and legs. Upon entering the spa, You can already feel its tranquility and peacefulness. The aroma is so relaxing as well. Mont Albo massage hut  has its relaxing ambiance that you can feel just by sitting at their lobby. You can smell the breeze of  fresh leaves that encourages the feeling of being close to nature. Maybe some of you might wonder or ask about the pricelist of their services? They are  so affordable! Prices ranges from 330 to 380 pesos for a 1 hour  full body massages,and I tell you,It's worth it! 
You can check them out on facebook for the sevices they offer.
click HERE. for the relaxing Mont Albo experience. 

This is one of  their massage spa rooms, as you can see,the theme is a Filipino hut, a "kubo". The moment I stepped in, I felt like I'm near the beach..
The music that was playing also made me relaxed. Yeah, with a busy schedule and all, I totally recommend you go here for a relaxing experience. During the massage session I had, I noticed the oil they applied,It's has the scent of virgin coconut oil which helps rejuvenate our skin. and once its applied,
you can feel the minty sensation that is refreshing. gaahh! I just love the feeling. :)
Their  therapists are so nice and approachable and the way they treat their customers is superb!

Honestly, I'm not a fan of spa and massage centers,but with the Mont Albo hut spa experience I had,I'm now! I will definitely go back here. I  highly recommend it to everybody! Thank you Ms. Kathleen Iris Reyes of   Mont Albo Hut Spa and the rest of the staff  for the privilege of being a part of the wonderful experience. 
Two thumbs up for you guys! keep it up!

Let's go guys! Its spa time! whoohoo!! xoxo,jaq