Pictorial by Kyle Aguila Photography

Friday, March 15, 2013
Im a fashion blogger but to tell you guys the truth,I haven't tried modeling for a professional photographer.. 
Early this year,I came around Kyle Aguila Photography, I'm amazed with their creations.
I would like to share some of our behind the scenes photos of the pictorial session..

This was the first set.Our theme is a goddess in the forest. 
Here Kyle,my photographer is taking a nice angle.
This was taken at the University of the Philippines.

A big tree is a nice spot to take a dramatic photo.
It was a bit gloomy when we took this shot..but still,It's a nice one!

 This is our second set..still the same concept but with a different touch.

We had to find a location where the sun is shining to achieve this photo.

I like this shot,it's dramatic.
This shot is amazing! Kyle was behind the trees,
but the outcome of the photo is perfect! He is indeed a talented photog!
The experience during the pictorial was priceless..
There are many obstacles we had to endure to achieve nice photos..
First, the weather was unpredictable, 
It was drizzling,then it rained,then the sun came out again!  oh did I mention me posing in a tree full of big ants? yes! I had that experience! haha It was really a challenge!
This is the third set..The theme was a bit changed from the fresh look to a semi edgy one.
I love this lake location..It's so calm and relaxing I felt like I'm in a paradise..
Now,I'm proud to present my portraiture by KYLE AGUILA PHOTOGRAPHY.

To sum it all up,I had a fun,exciting and a fruitful experience..
I had learn so much about modeling and photography..
Thank you so much Mr.Kyle Aguila.  I love all the photos we came up! 
Hope  to work with you guys again!
Visit and take a look on their great creations,
like them on facebook here:KYLE AGUILA PHOTOGRAPHY