Confessed Shopaholic

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Yes,I'm a confessed shopaholic, whenever I purchase something, I feel excited and happy. The glow on my face whenever  I can get to hold a pair of shoes or a fabulous dress is beyond ecstasy. but then again,I'm a single mom and I need my budget to be on the right is fun but it can be a bad habit.. a very bad one! In shopping,it's very important to check your shopping habits..Here are some of my tips based on my experience on being a confessed shopaholic..
First we need to point out signs if you are a shopaholic,a term is called oniomania.a compulsive behavior in shopping.

1. You purchase even though you are already into too much credit.
2. You purchase unreasonably,purchasing without checking if u really need it.
3. You purchase out of peer pressure,your friends have those nice heels! and you want to have that  too,without considering your budget for shopping.
4. You purchase though you still have tons of them! and later you know,You have pairs of shoes that you haven't even used it yet!
5. You prioritize shopping more than anything else. eg: you skipping a meal just to save up for a gorgeous bag.
6. You get really upset if you didn't get the item you reaaallyy want. and later on,resulting into a more seriuos shopping spree.

These signs are just my thoughts if  you are or most likely already a shopaholic. all of the signs may not be present,its just that if you feel like you agree that you are one or two of those,you maybe are..but not to worry sweetie! 
Here are some helpful tips on how to control it!


Do you shop because your depressed? or frustrated? oh no! that's a big no no for shopping, Whenever you feel this way,stay away from those malls!  Remember,the thrill that you feel while purchasing is just temporary, Though this feeling is really good,but you should always check your budget,Is it really worth it? Do you really need it? those are the things you should consider.


Find a hobby, that's it's worthwhile and productive. If you're into fashion,try opening up an online shop and sell some of your creations..In this way,you can practice the artistic side of you and at the same time,earn some money.

Own a pet,oh well this applies to me,my dog really helped me alot! I spend most of the time with her and I forget about shopping indeed. I think its a good start.


This is very important. Learn how to prioritize. There are so much in this world than shopping. as for a single mom like me,my priorities are house bills,my daughters schooling,groceries,medicines etc. so before you go into that splurging thing,be sure that you already settle all of your priorities to avoid conflicts. 


Yeah,this is quite a hassle,if you cant shop because you don't have any money! So as for a tip,find a job that will best interest you and make the best out of you..In this way,you will later find the value for money. and then again, you will refrain from an unreasonable shopping spree. Not to mention the positive outcome it will give you..

Focus on the brighter side,If u don't shop excessively,you'll be saving up! It's not that you can't shop anymore,its more on checking on your budget. You can settle for sale items and bargains for great deals! Thrift shops are also a good choice,you can get branded items for less! So then again,before you shop,think,think 10 times before swiping your credit card! I hope this can be of help to those shopaholics out there! remember,staying fab and chic does not mean splurging too much. Feel confident inside and out and surely you will make an outfit a bomb! 

Thats it for know ciao! ~ jaqui

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