Teal and Jeans

Friday, February 15, 2013
Tadda! Finally wore jeans for an outfit today!

I'm not a fan of jeans..but I have no choice but to wear a pair for a meeting today.
Oooh!! This bag! I love it because it's so light and has many compartments. 
plus the fact that it's so stylish.
 Thanks to LITTLE NOOK for sending it,This is definitely for keeps. :>
Such a lacquer necklace addict. This piece can make the whole look a classy one. 
Got it from NALEIGH SHOP. Thanks naleigh! Oh,by the way,they have an ongoing sale! 
visit and like their page HERE.
Had many errands,I need a comfy and reliable pair of footsies.
So I decided to wear pumps from EUNIQUE.
The weather today was completely unpredictable,.
I wore a plain loose spaghetti strap top  from TOPSHOP. 
over it is a teal jacket from LITTLE NOOK.
Again,thank you LITLLE NOOK for this jacket.
pardon me for the messy hair,It's so windy out there!
It's really an essential to have a jacket around,because you'll never know what will be the weather.
 hmm I guess you know what I mean. Sometimes it's so sunny in the morning and the next thing you'll know it's gloomy and raining! Just a piece of advice,always be ready,stock a lightweight jacket like this in your car,locker or in your bag. check out LITTLE NOOK for more designs and styles.
The color if this jacket is so refreshing,I just don't know,I'm inlove with emerald green and teal colors!
Thank you so much sponsors for giving me the oppurtunity to review your products,till next time! CIAO! :)

jacket/bag: little nook
jeans: zara
top: topshop
lacquer necklace: naleigh shop
pumps: eunique

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