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Sunday, February 17, 2013
Hi readers! I will try to blog something new today..But first,I'll narrate a short story behind it.
Last year, I was so happy and surprised when a generous sponsor sent me some cosmetics.
At first,I was hesitant to do a blog about makeups. But then,it was followed by another sponsor. 
So I thought,why not share my ideas and knowledge when it comes to cosmetics.Though I don't know any thing about it, I decided to learn more about makeups.Make up tutorials from Youtube and workshops really helped a lot. I'll be doing 3 product reviews.
Here it goes..
 First, the SUPER PLUS BEBLESH BB CREAM ,this is from GTHIRDS GOODIES. It's a korean brand which has triple functions,whitening,UV protecting and wrinkle improvement. Women in their 30's should use this kind of creams to avoid wrinkles.  It has 3 functional effects.
The ingredients Adenosine and Arbutin which are both effective for whitening and wrinkle improvement. 
It cultivates more bright and elastic skin.
 Second,also from GTHIRDS GOODIES. NAKED URBAN DECAY eye palette. 
It has 12 different colors starting from the whitish shades,naked,then golden,brownish,then gray to blueish purple.
 The names of the colors are classic. I had fun choosing the colors just by reading their names!
 I love the names sidecar and gunmetal,so unique! This palette also comes with an eyeshadow primer.
It's called envy me,it comes with 3 different colors,nude,bronze and emerald green.I love all the colors!

 So we start in the makeup application. First, we use the BB cream as a foundation and a primer for the whole face.
Put a little amount on your index finger then use your middle finger to spread it out. 
Do it from inner part of your face the center of you nose then going outer  until you reach the chin,ears and the forehead parts.blend it carefully. Be sure your face is dry and not damp or wet because it will create smudges or the cakey effect which we don't like. 
When you reach the neck part,put a little amount of BB cream going down. 
This is done to blend the complexion of your face and your neckline.
Be careful on the amount of cream you apply. Don't over do it,apply it starting from a little amount then add up if your not satisfied. Check your complexion in the mirror if it blends well. 
 Now,this is  my face with BB cream. What I like about the product is it's not sticky and oily. 
Just a little amount of cream you apply and it can cover a large part of your face.
Just always remember to blend it well!
And now we go to my eyes.. 
I used the primer that its already included in the set of eye palette from URBAN DECAY.
We used this to make the colors of the eye shadow last.
I remember, I watched my mom do her make up before,
 Back in those days they use tap water to dab the applicator so that the color of the makeup will stick. Good thing we now have this primers to make our makeup last even for several hours!
 Again,apply it carefully, put it little by little until the whole area is covered.
Then we use the victoria secret eyeshadow trio as our primer color.
Application is very important, we go from inner to the outer part of the eyelids.
This product is just amazing. just a little amount and you will see the colors blending in your skin.
The texture is also so vibrant! It's just so nice! I used the first 2 colors from the left.
Here, I'm done with the primer,as you can see, 
the right eye was the only one that has the primer,eye shadow application.
This is done so we can compare the difference.
Now we go to the blending of colors for the eyes.This can be tricky because we dont want to end up looking like we are punched by someone in the eye or something haha ! 
So again,careful blending is very important.
This product is very convenient and fun to use! 
The colors are arranged from light colors to the dark ones. 
It comes with a primer and an applicator. 
Plus the fact that though its a palette the packaging is slim and light so its very easy to bring  it all the time.
As I said,you can use the colors for a daytime makeup and for an evening makeup. 
For the daytime,just use the light ones,and for the evening,
use the dark ones to emphasize your eyes for the night out parties!
Apply it from the outer part then going inner close to the nose line.
Use the brush horizontally in a semi circular motion.
Here the right eye is done with a brown day time eye makeup.see the difference? 
Both eyes are done with the eye makeup.
Finish it up with an eyeliner and a mascara for a dramatic eye effect.
And tadda! here's the finish product! pardon me for the eyabags! haha :) 
I hope you liked my semi makeup tutorial,This is the first time I did this so please bare with

Special thanks to the my generous sponsors:

urban decay naked eye palette: GTHIRDS GOODIES
super plus beblesh balm bb cream: GTHIRDS GOODIES
victoria secret eye shadow trio: LOVE  TOSHOPPE

That's it for now,signing off! xoxo ~jaq :)
Godbless and more power to you guys! Love yah all! :>

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