Going Stripes

Thursday, January 17, 2013
 Another busy day, but thankful.
Thankful because I'd rather be busy than to be not productive at all.
Took this photo at around 5pm,yeah I know It's kinda gloomy already...
wore cage cuffs from forever 21 to compliment the stripes skirt.
clutch bag from Calvin Klein.
peep toe pumps from jellybean.
Tank top is a little bit sheer got it from topshop,
one rule in wearing sheers is using  plain colored brassier underneath.
Horizontal stripes prints can be tricky .It can make you frame look bigger but If u pair it with a black top,
It will make the illusion of making the bodyframe a little bit slim.
Skirt is from forever 21,lengths like this can also make u look taller,statement heels is a big check for this kind of skirts. 
It compliments the illusion of  being sleek and tall.
I love belts got this from ZARA, It's another way of cutting out the continuity of the look. 
This babies are really a fashion emergency aid!. I remember, I had to wear a long dress for an event,but the problem is,It's to baggy and long! What to do? stash it up with a nice belt! This is a fashion 101 for every girl,
always have a belt around. :)
I'm headed off to work now! see you again next time! :)
I hope I can make the deal today,haha wish me luck guys! Take care! :)

tank top: topshop
cage cuffs: forever 21
clutch bag: calvin klein
stripes skirt: forever 21
peep toe pumps: jellybean
belt: zara

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