A Make up class Session

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Yesterday,I modeled  for a make up class session. It is in CHERYL CABANOS MAKE UP ACADEMY. It was a great experince since I have no idea on makeups! seriously, I need to learn more about it! Lectures on how to do make up in each type was discussed...

Now that's me with no  make up! haha too much eye bags right? I look like a zombie!
 my make up artist Myra, 
had the biggest challenge of all! concealing those dark circles. 
Step by step she is making sure all the flaws are gone haha!

The make up guru Ms.Cheryl Cabanos teaching the techniques on how to apply concealers.
Here she's doing my eye make up.
 I learned a technique here! applying eye shadow was really a trick! from outer to inner just blending the colors and making it as smooth as possible,because before, I just apply it in no directions at all! 
Here we took a photo while the artist is preparing for things needed for my hair.
can u see my dark circles? It' magic! It's all gone! Myra did a great job! Thanks girl! you're the best! 

and now the hairdo! this is what they call the water fall hair braid..It's really pretty! :)
With my super stylish make up artist Myra! 
Had so much fun and learning in this event,Thanks so much Myra and CCMA for the experience.  

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