Shiny Bronze

Wednesday, December 26, 2012
It's christmas day! the day we all have been waiting for!
We spent it at our ancestral house with my mom,dad and relatives.We had a family reunion..I love reunions! It gives us a lot of memories on how we love and cherish our loved ones.

pardon me for the messy hair,It's kinda windy out there! :>                            
For this occasion,I wore a sequined top which by the way I got from a thrift store.It's so nice! I'm amazed how thrift stores offer this best buys as well,though I had a few alterations,but I guess It came out just  right! don't you think? 
I paired it with a double slit maxi skirt from APARTMMENT 8 CLOTHING.,The effect of this skirt is so pretty,it flows when it hits the wind because of the light material,and I love it!
Earrings is from GIRL SHOPPE.
 I chose a color which is close to the color of my top,orangy bronze. 
I used one piece of accessory because my look is a statement already,I might end up looking over the top.
Like I mentioned,we spent our christmas party at our house,so I wanted to achieve a "casual" look though It's a party,to have this,I wore bejeweled flip flops from ACCESSSORIZE.
I opted to wear heels but then again I wanted to have a casual yet partyish look for a casual house party.
This photo was taken while I'm trying to fix my skirt! haha see my hands? caught in the act! haha
Overall,I had a merry christmas today with my family,hope u had one too! :)
I had so much fun on this photoshoot! You wanna know why?
It's because of them!! My pretty Photographers! We were all goofing around and just having fun while taking pictures! Thanks so much sweeties! Good job! not bad for newbies right? :)
my niece geli,my daughter pauline,and my niece milli. :) luv yah guys!

sequined top: thrift store
flip flops: accessorize
earrings: girlshoppe

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