Glitz and Sheer

Sunday, December 2, 2012
This is a special day for my boyfriend's brother. It's his wedding day!
It was a solemn day,two people where joined together in marriage.

The event was a garden wedding,it was held in Glass Garden. in Markina.
It was a romantic time for two people.Oh how I love weddings!! :)
The whole day was filled with love! :)
Decided to wear a simple yet classy look for the occasion.Actually this is a last minute outfit! 
I hope i pulled it off well :)
accessories where made simple because the dress itself has accents on its own.
stoned dangling earrings is from forever 21.
This heels is so comfortable and  fab! 
I love how the rhinestones made it special,I got it from eunique.
This sheer maxi skirt made the outfit have the classy touch,this is from bubbles.
I love how bubbles make ensembles that is so versatile! 
I'll be seeing myself wearing this skirt over and over again.
knuckle bag is from SM accessories,this also has details of tiny stones,which is really nice for parties.
And this corset dress,yes it's a bodycon dress from With love clothing, I just wore a skirt over it to make it like a formal dress.The sequined details is so in for the yuletide season. It's so partyish and the color is so pretty! thank you With love clothing! :)
So that's it! I hope you enjoyed viewing my blog.
Thanks and Godbless everyone! :)

sequined bodycon dress: With love Clothing
sheer maxi skirt: bubbles
heels: eunique
earrinngs: forever 21
bag: sm accessories


  1. Last minute outfit is sometimes a pop or a flop. But in you case, it's definitely a POP! :)
    And I have to agree with you, the sheer maxi skirt made your look really classy. Perfect for a wedding day :)

    -xoxo, FRANCES

    1. yup! bought the dress the day before and had to raid my closet for pieces to create an outfit! hehe thanks so much dear! :) btw nice looks too! just visited your blog,goodjob! keep it up! :)

  2. hi, OMG your 32years old? para ka lng 24year old po.! by the way love your outfit! :D <3

    1. hi tezza! yup! im 32 turning 33 ds december :) thanks so much for that compliment. lots of love! :)

  3. Hi I totally love your outfit and also you hair.. I'm a also a mom and just had my baby 4 months ago and had to stop from work for the mean time so I decided to revive my blogger and tried outfit blogging. I hope you could check out mine.

    1. hi! thanks so much! just got into your blog,so nice! :) hooray for moms like us! hihi :)