Wednesday, October 3, 2012
 When I woke up this morning,It was a rainy day again..I had a different outfit in mind but it is a not so"rainyday friendly" outfit. So I ended up wearing this ensemble.

This dress is so nice because of its details.yes, you read it right,I'ts a dress! used as a top!.It has cutout details at the back which gives the bam!of the outfit :)
Pardon me for my big eyebags.. I had 3 hours of sleep! phoew! :/
As usual,so into neons my shoes is from hdy which is so comfy and a rainy day friendly piece,the material is water proof! I initially wore heels,but was afraid I might end up slipping because of the wet floor I might encounter!,haha that will be so embarrassing!! :)
Accessories were made simple,the whole ensemble was already too flashy to add more. I don't want it too end up looking like a "christmas tree" though christmas is in the air! hohoho :) merry xmas everybody!
The skorts(skirt/shorts) is is also the highlight of the look.It's actaully shorts with a cape sheer detail.
 Fashion is being creative with your babies in the closet.You can use pieces like dresses as a top,or rompers paired with a cropped top.Just do a little bit of mix matching and make an old outfit into a whole new one! :)
p.s.  I think my hair needs salon treatment.ASAP haha lol :)

dress: jellybean
neon flats: hdy
skorts: market market fashion bazaar 
accessories: fudgerock

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