Silver Ombre

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It took me sometime to post this look. I was preoccupied with some stuffs,but It’s better late than never right? So here it goes..This look is composed of awesome items I got all on sale! oh how I love sales! First,my dress.this is from ZARA,i got it on 50% off,what a great buy because of the details of this dress specially on the back part.It’s very comfortable and stylish.The material is spandex which hugs perfectly in your body. what else can i say with this dress,pure awesomeness! :)

Another great steal: my shoes! it’s from Australian and I got it at 70% off! wow! :) It’s so comfortable as well, I can go around without worrying my feet will get sore at the end of the day :) plus the fact that it’s color black,It can go with any outfit.
Great steal number 3: My accessories, this silver cuffs are from nava store. I got it at 50% off! so when i bought two of them,it’s like buying it at buy one take one! A really best buy! And this knuckle clutch bag really rocked the look! I got it for only 700 pesos at SM accessories,SM dept. store. It’s a steal too because prices of this kind of bags ranges from 1000 pesos or I consider it also a great steal number 4! : The lesson I got from this look? You can look fab for less!You just have to look for loots that is not that pricey but stylish :)

dress: zara
accessories: sm,nava

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