Mossimo X KendallandKylie

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Last September 6, Mossimo Philippines had their Kendall and Kylie launch at Glorietta, Makati.
The event vibe was just chill and relax. Products were showcased in displays that are up to beat and fashion forwarded. 
Here are some of my snippets from the latest collection.

I love this plaid pants! It's so chic!

Pair it with a denim jacket for a more stylish look!

With a pop of colors of dresses! I love them too!

 Into the 80's vibe? look at these color hues!

The set up of the event was so hip and had a celeb vibe! haha, feeling Kylie and Kendall tlaga ang peg! But yeah, I enjoyed the ambiance, 
and specially the cotton candy! haha yey for my sweet tooth!

 During the shopping spree, I also had a great time with my friends, it was like a mini reunion with them! Thank you Mossimo for getting us together in this event!

So there you go guys! Checkout Mossimo's latest collection and be the first to strut Mossimoxkendallandkylie's newest array of selection. Thank you Mossimo for having me!

Thanks for dropping by guys! 

Shaping the mind and Shaping the body.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Hey,It has been a while, as in a while! I have been haitus in doing blogposts because last year, I had an issue with my health that I had to take care of it... As you can see, I have gained weight. I'm not that particular about it though for the reason that eversince naman I have been an advocate of "love your skin youre in".

I believe that beauty is within, like what is inside your heart, and with that also enhancing the assets you have is a go to. Lately, I have been searching for the perfect product that can tame my saggy fats around the belly area and thighs.  I came around SILOUEX a brand for bodyshapers. They have all kinds of it, from leggings,shaper panty,shaper shorts and tops. What I am wearing right now is a high waisted compression leggings which is super nice!

How and why do I say it's nice? It's just because of the fabric and material used. It's not too thick nor thin, it has the exact details that can help achieve the goal of a body shaper which is taming the trouble spots and giving the smooth silhuoette finish. It can be worn as just as is like what I did in this photo.

It can also be worn under a  pair of jeans or pants so that you can tuck in your top without the worry of muffin tummys! Overall, my review on this product is superb, price is just right for what you are paying for, the materials used are very good and oh so comfy! Youre looking slim and fab without the discomfort. No more tiis ganda with this one!

Ladies, I definitely recommend this so that it can help boost your confidence in any outfit you strut!
A confident physique equals a confident mind.

Thanks guys for visiting my blog. More of it soon! 
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For more info about the product click HERE.

The Heart for the Lost.

Monday, February 19, 2018

The heart for the lost is what I always think and ponder about lately.
We have the great commission as children of God.

Our hope in Him

Friday, December 1, 2017

Dealing with life can be challenging.
We tend to get our answers from all the wrong places.
But where is that hope we are looking for?

True Freedom

Thursday, November 30, 2017

True freedom comes from knowing that our sins are already forgiven, and we will no longer live in shame and guilt.

When failure becomes an opportunity

Sometimes life's failures can easily bring us down. Whether it is our health, relationships, or finances.

Be my anchor

My God is my anchor. He keeps me up when things don't get in my way.
He lifts me up when I get tired and weary.